Windows 8 RTM–Install Experiences ** A Success **

by jasonvonruden 26. August 2012 05:38

After some careful thought I decided to in place upgrade my main development Windows 7 computer to Windows 8 instead of a clean install from scratch which is what I normally do.  I just installed Windows 7 around 3 month ago so it did not have a chance to build up the normal cruft  that slows windows down over time. In the end the upgrade was so successful that I decided to upgrade my families main Windows 7 desktop computer also which also was a successful and painless in place upgrade. 

See my Blog post on my Experiences with Using Windows: Windows 8: My Favorite Shortcut Keys and Productivity Tips

Now for the not so good stuff about what did not go so well:

Windows Updates Broke (Development Computer only), Needed Repair System Integration with some applications, Visual Studio 2012 Issues, Windows Live Family Safety Issues, and finally Adobe Flash Player plugin incompatibilities with Windows 8 / IE10 and some websites. Most of these issues would be a problem with any OS upgrade. (See below)

Compatible Application Surprises:

  • Acronis True Image 11 is compatible with Windows 8 and this is Weird because Acronis True Image 2012  is NOT compatible with Windows 8

Incompatible Applications – Forced Uninstall Before Upgrade

  • Acronis True Image 2012  - Not compatible
  • Microsoft Security Essentials - Not compatible (looks like it is built into Windows Defender now)
  • Intel BlueTooth Driver - Not compatible

After Install Application Issues

  • Windows Update Broken -  Error Code 8024A000 -  Here was my solution to fix the Issue
  • Peazip – Needed Repair System Integration  with “File Explorer” – Easy to Fix
  • Virtual Box Network Device Driver Broken – Re-install Needed
    • Now that Windows 8 has Hyper-V Built in I uninstalled Virtual Box
  • LogMeIn Hamachi  - Network Settings where lost but still works
  • Visual Studio 2012 – Requires SqlServer Express 2008 R2  for VS 2010 solution files even though I had Sql Server 2008 installed and this was a big surprise to me!!!
  • Media Monkey – Reinstall to fix System Integration  with “File Explorer” causing slow MP3 file launch and playback times.
  • Windows Live Family Safety (Compatibility warnings) – Change to Microsoft Family Safety.
  • Adobe Flash Player “This content requires a newer version of the Flash Player” and IE 10 compatibility  issues on some websites and broken from IE10.


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