Moving Existing Wordpress Blog on Linux to Windows Hosting

by jasonvonruden 18. April 2010 12:20


After purchasing new windows web hosting for several new ASP.NET websites. I decided to also transferring my existing Fantastic Freeware Wordpress Blog that was hosted on the Linux Platform onto my new Windows based Hosting.  My preferred option was to convert the Wordpress blog to BlogEngine.NETusing BlogML XML format, but I ran into a lot of conversion issues. (See below)

The Bottom Line

In the end decided to move Fantastic Freeware Wordpress blog as is from Linux hosting to Windows Hosting with 404 redirect, because the default hosting company’s 404 redirect is prevents url rewriting from working.



  • The WordPress BlogML Export 1.0a for BlogML 2.0 is creating a BlogML XML file that is not compatible with the BlogEngine.NET import process which must be using BlogML 2.1Now it looks like I am going to have to dive into the source code and the XML. 
  • The RSS import was not an option because the blog has over 3000 entries and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles the URL must remain the same after the conversion.
  • The default hosting company’s 404 redirect was preventing url rewriting from working.

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