BlogEngine.NET Setup and Customization Adventures

by jasonvonruden 12. April 2010 20:46

The main reason that I picked BlogEngine.NET as the blog software for this website is because it is lightweight and easy to use.  I also found it is easy to customize the master page and CSS template to fit my needs.  The website was going to be a development blog so the Windows Live Writer and code snippet plug-in was a requirement.  I am planning to use the BlogML which is an open format derived from XML to store and restore the content of a blog to convert my Fantastic Freeware website from a Wordpress blog to BlogEngine.NET blog. 


What Did Not Worked

  • Converting ASP.NET Website into ASP.NET Web Application. It worked, but extensions feature no longer works, Dropped it because, it had no practical benefit.
  • Wordpress to Blogengine.NET conversion issues.  The WordPress BlogML Export 1.0a for BlogML 2.0 is creating a BlogML XML file that is not compatible with the BlogEngine.NET import process which must be using BlogML 2.1Now it looks like I am going to have to dive into the source code and the XML. (More on this in a future Post)


What Still Does Not Work

  • Resolved:  Windows Live Writer Issue: No spell checking (Firefox) - (Editor brakes Firefox's spell check feature) 

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