The Easy Way to Setup Wordpress on Windows Hosting with Permalinks

by jasonvonruden 18. April 2010 12:11

If you search for how to setup a Wordpress blog using permalinks on windows hosting you will find a lot of hits referring to url rewriting which is very complex and confusing.

In the end going down the url rewriting path is a waste of time especially if you hosting company has a custom 404 redirect in place.

If you are still interested in url rewriting, please see my other blog entry about setting up a Wordpress Blog on Windows Hosting using Managed Fusion URL Rewriter

How-To Get Wordpress Permalinks working on Windows Hosting: 

  1. Install and configure Wordpress as you normally would, including your permalink settings.
  2. To get permalinks to work correctly with no url rewriting needed, change in the hosting control panel the 404 redirect to point Wordpress’s index.php.

That’s It!

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